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  • Actress

    Jessica has had a strong passion for acting ever since she can remember. Since she took the stage of a local regional theater as a young girl, as the Dormouse in 'Alice In Wonderland', she knew acting would be a part of our future. She's trained for many years, including at Tisch School Of The Arts at NYU, where she obtained her BFA in Drama.

    Besides her strong theater roots, Jessica has a deep love of improv and sketch comedy, and trained Upright Citizens Brigade in both. Jessica loves creating all kinds of characters for all kinds of genres, in theater, film, and commercial projects. Because of her ethnically ambiguous appearance and her wide acting range, she's had the opportunity to play many different types of characters.

    Recently she had the chance to be in promo commercials she did with a writer-director who had a feature at Sundance last year. These commercials were parodies of classic films, like "Raging Bull". Most recently Jessica has been developing a web series that she also stars in that will be launching soon.