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  • Director

    Directing always came naturally to Jessica, even when she directed her first play in high school. She felt she had an instinct to communicate with each actor, in a way that would both empower them, and push them. While at Tisch School of the Arts she split her time between acting and directing, and directed a range of playwrights, from Shakespeare, to Ibsen, to Steve Martin. After graduating she directed plays for interesting companies and producers, including three New York Fringe Plays. Jessica's desire to create film and TV led her to enroll in Columbia University's Graduate Film Program, where she wrote, directed, and produced a variety of projects for film and TV. Since graduating she has directed a number of music videos, web series, commercials, and corporate videos. She's currently in pre-production of her first feature, as well as co-writing a feature for a successful, indie actress.

    Some career highlights include: The Semi-Finals in The Sundance Screenwriters Lab, a Student Academy Award Nomination, Finalist in The New York TV Festival, and an Audience Choice Award in The Columbia Film Festival.