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  • A Summary Of Classes I Teach or Have Taught:

    Jessica has taught and coached students of all levels and ages in both screenwriting and acting. She has a strong passion for helping students grow and discover their own unique talents and ability. Because of her years of experience both in front and behind the camera, as well as her casting experience, she understands the industry and what work will help artists' strengths shine. Besides the screenwriting and acting classes she teaches, she recently started teaching screenwriting classes for actors, helping them create the perfect project for them to star in. She's also currently taking both writing and acting coaching clients. Please email for more information.

    Intro to Screenwriting For Actors - In this class I give a detailed overview on the structure of the different mediums, including features, shorts, half hour pilots, hour pilots, and web series. I also discuss what kinds of ideas work best for each medium and what can get your project noticed in the industry.

    Screenwriting I - Using a balance of lecture, exercise, and feedback on work, this course gives students a firm grounding in all the basics of screenwriting. Students learn the structure of feature length screenplays, develop an outline for their scripts, and start writing their scripts in class, which they present at least two times in class.

    How to Develop A Web Series For Yourself - This class helps actor-writers develop their characters and projects, workshop their scripts, and plan for the shoot. I can advise on all producing and directing concerns, and help students create a a step by step plan for the shoot and marketing the project.

    TV Writing - I teach students how to write a spec script of a 1/2 hour or hour long show already on TV. After teaching them the structure of TV formats, I teach them the best way to approach a spec script, and how to find the balance of capturing the voice of the show, while bringing in your own nuisances.

    Acting For Film - After teaching students the principles of "truthful" acting on camera, I direct students in film scenes, while a cinematographer shoots them in a variety of shots (like a real film set). The scenes are edited together and students get to watch their projects and learn how to make adjustments to their acting.

    Audition/Cold Reading Technique - I give students tips on the best way to nail cold readings, be true to their extincts, and be truthful in the moment. I can also work with students on monologues they need to prepare for auditions.

    * I also coach and consult actors and writers one on one, in person and/or skype sessions. I work on the craft of both, developing new material, and/or creating a business/marketing plan with my clients.

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