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  • Teaching/Coaching Philosophy

    Jessica has taught and coached students of all levels and ages in both screenwriting and acting. She has a strong passion for helping students grow and discover their own unique talents and ability. Because of her years of experience both in front and behind the camera, as well as her casting experience, she understands the industry and what work will help artists' strengths shine. Besides the screenwriting and acting classes she teaches, she recently started teaching screenwriting classes for actors, helping them create the perfect project for them to star in. She's also currently taking both writing and acting coaching clients. Please email for more information.

    My teaching and coaching philosophy is to provide a step-by-step, concrete outline to enable students to find their individual strengths toward a specific goal or journey. Although being an artist is somewhat about expression, I think particularly with acting, writing, and directing it is very much about learning the craft in a structured way. On one hand it is an individual path each student/artist must travel, but on the other it is about the tools they will acquire that will enable them to become the best artist they can be. Because I've trained in a variety of artistic methods and philosophies, I am able to nuisance my lesson plans whenever necessary. I am also able to draw upon my experience from actually working in each of these fields and think it definitely helps when students understand the context of why certain principles can make you a more marketable artist.

    I believe it is also important to provide a supportive environment, where the students both challenge one another, as well as provide encouragement. I know particularly with classes in the arts that there is a tremendous amount of self-exploration that is required, which can be scary at times. I think because I have been through the process myself so many times as both a teacher and student, I intuitively know when to push a student, as well as when he/she may need his/her creativity nurtured.